ReWildcrafting & Rustic Home

Welcome to our world of crafting with wild and native things. High mountain rustic designs bring the beauty of nature to life through art and can turn your home into the beautiful place that grounds you. Are you tired of over consumption of the box stores? Are you like me and appreciate the natural things made by had with love from nature?

On our family farm we raise Navajo Churro sheep for their wool. We use every part of the animal for art including the wool, bone and horns. We use these elements to create. We also use natural vines such as grape vines, roots, branches and gourds to create arts and resourceful tools for your home. Along with this we use bone, antler natural fibers and roots, wood, hides, furs and wax from our bee hives to create beauty and magic for your home and lifestyle.

I live in nature and it inspires me. Everything we create is connected to nature and our farm.

Chloe connecting with Iko at the family farm (HiBar Ranch) where all our products are sourced from

Click through gallery below for sample from a few of our custom creations:

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