DIY How To Videos

As you all know who follow me on TikTok and or Instagram, we make everything here at our farm from materials we sustainably harvest from our farm. In the future I will be building do it yourself kits so you can learn all these things I am doing myself. And, as a community we can all do them together.

My ultimate goal is to help each of you get back to basics, reconnect with nature and yourself, and learn to do things by hand again.

Below are my videos on how to make things by hand. This video library will grow with time. The links are below to our farm’s youtube channel where our whole family has videos on all the things we do here at the farm. The farm youtube channel is HiBar Ranch Homesteading In Appalachia TN.

VIDEO ONE: Dyeing With Black Walnut Husks & Indigo From Our Farm

VIDEO TWO: Making My ReWild Lemon Balm Lip Saver™ And ReWild Lemon Balm Total Rescue Salve™ – How To

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