ReWild Organic Buttermilk Goat Soap™

ReWild Organic Buttermilk Goats Soap™

Just took a shower and the soap is SO creamy and so soft! I’m in LOVE! – Augusta, medical industry, 26

Hi! I put a bar of the goats milk soap in the kitchen to wash hands and WOW! It feels awesome and my hands feel soft and smooth. I love it! – Sheila

ReWild Lemon Balm Total Rescue

ReWild Lemon Balm Total Rescue™

It’s (Lemon Balm Total Rescue) such a magical infusion though! Such a tiny little bit goes a long way! I’ve used a lot of salves before but this one in particular is really softening. – CarolAnne, hair salon owner & Stylist, 25

I used the Lemon Balm Total Rescue Salve on my hands over the last week and I am totally amazed. I am a grandma and run a farm so I use my hands a lot. I milk goats each day as one example. My hands get so sore and arthritic, and they feel swollen and tender often as I age. I used the salve since my hands were dry. Not only did the salve help moisturize my hands, it actually stopped the ache in my hands. And, on top of that it caused my swollen hands to be normal again with out the retention in them. IT’s been literally amazing. – Lori, farmer, 51

I put the Lemon Balm Total Rescue on my lips, around my chapped nose, and on my cuticles. It feels so soft, smells fresh and it feels amazing. I absolutely love it! – Augusta, medical industry, 26

ReWild Whipped Lilac Tallow Body Butter

ReWild Whipped Lilac Tallow Body Butter™

The Body Butter smells divine and I love the way it melts into my skin. I’m so glad I added it to my self care routine. – Laura, Nurse, 40

ReWild Plantain Itch And Scratch Remedy™

ReWild Plantain Itch & Scratch Remedy™

The Plantain Salve is literally changing my life every day! I get rashes daily and it is so effective at staving off irritation and redness. THANK YOU! You are such a goddess! – Garrett, Chef, 24

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