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We Will Be Adding Cabins To Our Farm At ReWild Next Year!!

As we continue to expand our products that sold out in our market launch this year, we continue to think of new and interesting ways to deliver value and experiences to all of you who love to ‘ReWild’. Our customers have expressed an interest in getting into the wild while also having the opportunity toContinue reading “We Will Be Adding Cabins To Our Farm At ReWild Next Year!!”

Wow! It’s Been A Crazy Spring – New Foal & Calf Update

Hello ReWild Tribe! How Are You? Guess What’s Up? So, I first want to apologize for not blogging sooner. I have been swamped at the farm this spring with my company ReWild Co. and the farm. I also got a side job that I just started to supplement my finances while I stand up ReWildContinue reading “Wow! It’s Been A Crazy Spring – New Foal & Calf Update”


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Hi, I’m Chloe. I am a farm owner and a rugged individualist. During Covid and in time of great self reflection, I chose to create my dreams. I became a full-time creative designer, launching my own lifestyle company called ReWild Co. This vision of my company is to connect with others who fall into the ‘wild child’ category who simply want to get back to that which has meaning. I can easily walk, in Doc Martins, away from the conditioning of the world and step softly into places that are raw, where I am free to roam and were all things and people can “live wild”. This is the inspiration for my company’s name. When I’m not spending time creating products and experiences that connect me and my generation back to its roots, I love spending time on my farm with my horse and my dogs.

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