ReWild Fall Update & More

Hello ReWild tribe and welcome to fall. Cool crispness is in the air and all is well as we ReWild together during this festive season of change. Fall leaves are beginning to turn here in the Smoky Mountains and at our farm and it inspires me to create more than ever! And boy do IContinue reading “ReWild Fall Update & More”

Pre-Launch Instagram Live 1/20

Good Afternoon All, I wanted to pop in and let you know about an instagram live we will be doing on Wednesday 1/20 at 5 pm EST. Some might wonder “If you launch all of your products on your website on Thursday, then why do a pre-launch live at all?” And what a great questionContinue reading “Pre-Launch Instagram Live 1/20”

Wildcrafting: Gourd Glory

Here at Rewild Co. and our multi-generational family farm, we produce and raise the majority of everything that we use. From our produce, livestock, herbs, and medicines, to hides, lumber, and wildcrafted arts, we do it all. One of the many gratifying joys of living on a farm and learning a sustainable lifestyle is seeingContinue reading “Wildcrafting: Gourd Glory”

My Day Preparing Product Lines

Today is cloudy. I’d like to stay inside and continue working on creating my product lines. But, as the clouds clear I head to the kitchen to boil water. Boil water you say? Yes, it’s time to make bee food. You mix 50% hot water and 50% organic sugar and let the sugar dissolve. IContinue reading “My Day Preparing Product Lines”