ReWild Fall Update & More

Hello ReWild tribe and welcome to fall.

Cool crispness is in the air and all is well as we ReWild together during this festive season of change. Fall leaves are beginning to turn here in the Smoky Mountains and at our farm and it inspires me to create more than ever! And boy do I have something special to share with each of you. Keep reading to learn what it is!

But first let me explain why my blogging has been limited. I’ve been insanely busy booking placement for our merchandize and determining what of our products and product lines have the most interest during our test roll out this Spring of 2021. I have also gotten a job to support the growth of ReWild so I can do what I love without feeling the pressure financially to start a new company.

So, what has ReWild Co. been up to you say?

First, in our initial launch of our company we sold out of all our products in our self care area which includes salves, lip balms and body butters. So, over the course of the summer and fall we have established more medicinal garden plots and went from seed starts, to growing to harvesting and into production over the course of the last four months. As I have shared with you, I grew up with significant food allergies and was therefore raised around more natural health care solutions that were easier on my body. It is wonderful to see the demand for these self care essentials that are organic and from our farm. Thank you all ReWild Tribe!

Rose Infused Oil for salves and soap making
A Single Morning’s Medicinal Collection From The Gardens

I have also spent extensive time touring the retail outlets in our region to assess the viability of expanding beyond ReWild’s digital presence into retail spaces. I have found a concerning situation in the retail sector and that is this – Retailers want a 50% cut off of all sales of your product. All of my materials are organic and farm harvested. There is zero possibility of giving retailers a 50% cut off ReWild’s products without raising the prices to all of you by at least 30%. I am not going to make my products unaffordable to you and I can’t operate at a loss. I want each of you to be able to afford healthy, organic healthcare without giving all the profits to the middle man. So, now you know why you see everything as ‘made in China’ in the retail sector these days. And, why you either see zero organic products for self care or their cost is SO HIGH in a retail setting. That is NOT right.

So here is the great news!! I have created a solution for this problem! And, I think you will be happy about it. I have moved out of my location at the ReWild Farm (HiBar Ranch – our family’s multi-generational farm), and we are turning that entire facility into both an art studio and retail outlet for ReWild Company. In addition, we will also be offering other artisans and herbalists etc. retail space at a much smaller rate than other retail outlets to assure that all the amazing products of the Smoky Mountain region can be made available to each of you, but at a fair return for the creator themselves. We will also help market for the creators whereby they can get the best visibility of their talents in a space that is designed by creators, for creators.

If there has been one thing I have learned over the course of launching ReWild Co. this year, it is that you, my tribe, have a powerful voice in the spectrum of changing norms. You want healthy products where you know where they are sourced, and you want fair pricing. You no longer will tolerate the massive mark ups for middlemen that compromise the artists and creators and you are willing to go to the edge of the earth for the creators you believe in.

ReWild Company is that type of company. I have taken this insight and have worked hard to develop a concept where I can create space that will assure other creators have access to you all and you to them, without the middle men.

Now I hope you can see why I have been quiet this last few months. I have, with deep research into the part of markets I was not pleased at learning, been planning something all together more tribe like – a creative collaborative.

I am naming it the ReWild Creative Collaborative (RCC) and you will be learning more about this organization in the coming months.

Our retail store and gallery will be opening in the summer of 2022 as there is work to do to make this happen. But, the vision is real and the space is available.

In terms of ReWild Company’s products – our top sellers were the wellness lines with requests for mens line along with our custom eco-dying clothing and jewelry. So, we are restocking in all these categories and will be updating the store in the coming months. Then in 2022 we will also incorporate the RCC talent to our overall store front digitally and physically at our farm.

This is just a quick update but mostly, I want to personally thank each of you who have supported ReWild Co. in its initial market testing launch year 2021. Your interest and insights into your preferences, and the reality of the retail market have fused into what is the future ReWild Creative Collaborative (RCC) and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you all!

Stay tuned!

~ Chloe

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