Wow! It’s Been A Crazy Spring – New Foal & Calf Update

Hello ReWild Tribe! How Are You? Guess What’s Up?

So, I first want to apologize for not blogging sooner. I have been swamped at the farm this spring with my company ReWild Co. and the farm. I also got a side job that I just started to supplement my finances while I stand up ReWild Co. That has taken some time but I love it.

I want to thank all of you who have visited my site and instagram and have been to the store. We are doing exceedingly well with interest and sales in my ReWild product lines and I want to do a big shout out to you all! Thanks so much!!

In my ReWild company formation journey we have been busy putting all our medicinal seed starts we did (I shared that with you all a few months ago) into the ground here at the farm. We have had two late freezes here at the farm which hindered the ability to take the medicinals outside. We also now have all our eco-dyeing plants in the ground along with our luffa gourds and birds nest gourds in the ground as well. We of course use these materials to make all of what we sell at ReWild Company.

On top of that we are positioning now to have our shearer out to shear all the sheep in the next few weeks. This is all part of the process for the wool product lines we will be added to our collections this summer.

Did I mention we are about to have a calf and a foal? Yes we are!!

Meet Rosie. We bought her for the freezer since the owner said she didn’t breed thus can’t calve. Well, low and behold she is bagging up. So she should calf soon. That is great news!!

Rosie Our New Cow

Also, we bred our mare last summer. However, we had two different vets out who said she didn’t take. So we were not expecting a foal. We deemed her too fat recently and had her ultra-sounded. She is INDEED pregnant. So, we are expecting a foal any hour now. Here is Smuggler and you can see her fat little body. I will begin to blog more often again now that the farm is getting caught up from all these ‘surprises’ (weather – freezes/flooding, foals, calves, etc.). You will be able to follow along on the calf and foal journey. Oh, did I mention we wanted to have a mule that we trained to do the plowing and farm work here at the farm? Well, how do you get a mule? You breed a mare to a donkey. You end up with a mule. So, we are going to have a MULE baby!!! Mules are better temperament and better footed for the mountains than horses. Mules were the animals used up here in the Smokies due to the treacherous mountainsides. Thus, we will have a baby mule that we will train to work the farm manually. How cool is that?

Smuggler And Her Best Friend Whiggy (Our Ram)

We have also added more bees to the farm so we have more wax for our medicinals we make along with honey we will likely start selling in coming seasons.

Mom Installing More Bees At The Farm

Well, I will blog more later – but I wanted to do a little catch up to let you know all is well here and I am thinking about you all around the world who are part of my ReWild Tribe and I am busy with my family building out all the necessary resources that are the inputs to all the products that we make for all of you.

We do everything by hand here with our own materials we raise organically here at our farm. I hope you enjoy following along. And, please ask any questions you’d like. We will happily respond and share anything and all that we know about homesteading and ReWilding with each of you.

With lots of Love, Chloe

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