Thank You For All The Interest In My New Company – Update On How It’s Going

First of all – thank you – to all of you around the world who have visited my website in my first week of my new company launch.

I wanted to share how things are going so far. I couldn’t be happier with all your wonderful support.

We have had 18 orders across the United States across every product category I have – apparel, apothecary and wildcrafting. So, I am pleased to see that what I am making for you all is of interest.

We have had close to 1500 visitors to my website, blog and store (1,415) to be exact with over 3,000 page views across the website.

I am most excited to report that the site is seeing visitors from 16 countries from around the world. This is so important to me because I believe this stay raw stay wild movement is world wide.

As we see the over production and over consumption of almost everything on this planet, it makes sense to slow down, get present, appreciate the little things (namely nature) and begin to make things by hand again; true artisanship – craftsmanship, for those of us who want to take the path less travelled.

Here are the countries that have visited ReWild Co. this week.

United States, Canada, UK, Belgium, Australia, Finland, Holland, Poland, South Africa, Sweden, Puerto Rico, Denmark, Norway, Cosa Rica, New Zealand, and Germany.

Thank you all again for your support. I’d love it if you shared my company with your friends and family and follow my blog here on this website and also follow me on instagram at ReWildCompany.

Best to you all!

~ Chloe

Published by HiBar Ranch, Farm & Forest

We run an organic farm in the Smoky Mountains of East TN. Our ancestors who first settled this region and were some of the first settlers of TN in the mid 1700s. We blog about farm life, off the grid, self sustainability and fiber arts/craftsmanship and lots and lots on growing your own food and building a self sufficient farm.

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