Pre-Launch Instagram Live 1/20

Good Afternoon All,

I wanted to pop in and let you know about an instagram live we will be doing on Wednesday 1/20 at 5 pm EST. Some might wonder “If you launch all of your products on your website on Thursday, then why do a pre-launch live at all?” And what a great question that is!

The pre-launch live gives us the opportunity to explain a bit about what to expect from us as a company moving forward and how everything will work. For example, some products will be mainstays and thus available at all times whereas other products such as the gourd art, jewelry, etc. will be one of a kind and will not be recreated unless requested for a custom order. Also, this live launch allows for you as the customer to see exactly what will be available on the website the next day. Many of the products you have not yet seen!

We are also hosting a GIVEAWAY on our instagram account (rewildcompany) that closes Wednesday and the winner will be announced during the live! All you have to do is head over to our instagram account, share the post about the giveaway to your story and tag us and I will enter you into the contest!

Another reason we wanted to do the live launch is it allows us to answer any questions that you may have in real time and also get your feedback on what we’re up to!

We hope you join us!

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