What A Huge Following For Our Company Pre-Launch! Visitors From 25 Countries

As we announce our product launch for our new company ReWild. Co. in a pre-launch live on instagram @rewildcompany 5pm Jan. 20th, with our products up and ready to sell on this website starting Jan. 21st, I am happy to share the number of visitors to our website thus far from around the world!

We just put up our website mid December as I made the personal decision to launch my own lifestyle & design company that focuses on staying raw stay wild – as we all reconnect with our roots and that which has meaning. I felt compelled to pick a life path that brings forth life and light. I also wanted to integrate everything that comes from our organic farm here in the Smokies. My family and I run a multi-generational farm that I will be inheriting for my own children some day. We raise organic beef cattle, sheep for wool, dairy goats for our bath products and all forms of food and medicinals. The products I make come from our farm.

With that being said I’d love for you to subscribe to our instagram and also to our blog here at our website.

So far, we have had 1020 visitors to our website visiting over 3190 pages within in site. Our visitors are from 25 different countries. Here are those countries in order of their frequency of visit: US, Canada, China, UK, Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Finland, Germany, Costa Rica, Norway, Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, Ireland, France, Denmark, Portugal, South Korea, Turkey, Nepal, Romania, Mexico, Sweden and Brazil.

THANK YOU ALL!!!! Remember to join my product launch live where I will be showing my products and doing the giveaway!! Instagram @rewildcompany 5pm, January 20th.

Published by HiBar Ranch, Farm & Forest

We run an organic farm in the Smoky Mountains of East TN. Our ancestors who first settled this region and were some of the first settlers of TN in the mid 1700s. We blog about farm life, off the grid, self sustainability and fiber arts/craftsmanship and lots and lots on growing your own food and building a self sufficient farm.

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