Today I Made Organic Lilac And Jasmine Buttermilk Goat Milk Soap, Spa Treatments and More

I was busy creating more apothecary and wellness products today for my launch January 21st – just three weeks away.

First, I made organic buttermilk soap from our dairy goats. In these soap bars there is palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil mixed with lye and goat buttermilk. Then I added either lilac or jasmine depending on the mold I was working with to shape the soaps. Here is me executing that process.

See the gallery below.

Next I made my favorite bath soaks. The bath soaks include epsom salt and herbs I raised here at my farm: rosemary, lemon balm , lemon grass and sage. The Epsom salts are also infused with rosemary and mint aromas.

Last, I created a gorgeous simple hourglass design with black walnut and leather that is so beautifully simple. I added pheasant feathers and it was stunning.

I am so looking forward to the launch of all of our stay raw stay wild products that connect us back to nature, beauty and a simplified life.

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~ Thinking of you all.


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