Creating In My Art Studio

I have a micro farm at our family’s ranch, HiBar Ranch. Along with my own farm with Odie & Smuggler (horses) are three cows. Then of course there are my two dogs and cat. I have not spoken much on my newest special space on my farm – my art studio.

I have a dedicated building along with my cabin that is a complete art studio and gallery. This is the place I have been getting ready for the launch of my products Jan. 21st 2021.

Yesterday I spent time creating some of the elements that will be incorporated in my products and in my marketing campaigns.

Here’s a slide show on some of the activities I was doing yesterday creating:

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We run an organic farm in the Smoky Mountains of East TN. Our ancestors who first settled this region and were some of the first settlers of TN in the mid 1700s. We blog about farm life, off the grid, self sustainability and fiber arts/craftsmanship and lots and lots on growing your own food and building a self sufficient farm.

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