Wildcrafting: Gourd Glory

Here at Rewild Co. and our multi-generational family farm, we produce and raise the majority of everything that we use. From our produce, livestock, herbs, and medicines, to hides, lumber, and wildcrafted arts, we do it all. One of the many gratifying joys of living on a farm and learning a sustainable lifestyle is seeing all your hard work pay off when you look at the dinner table or a finished product.

Wildcrafting encompasses a large variety of meanings. In general it is wild plants or herbs harvested for use, however there is another spectrum being that of wildcrafted art. This art form is one that my family and I enjoy greatly.

This year we grew, harvested, and prepped our gourds for the end-game result of making beautiful gourd art. There is such a spectrum of beautiful looks that you can attain with this art form. From gorgeous inlays to ornate carvings, burns, and cut-outs the possibilities are endless. The natural form of the gourd can be left in-tact or changed for an illusion-style result. Something I love about gourd art is exactly that, that something so natural can be so beautiful. It all leads back to the main goal my life has become about, which is getting back to nature and living simply.

There is such a beauty in simplicity. A gorgeous poetic power of what nature can do, whether it be a subtle breeze flowing through wheat grass, or the chaotic stomp of a storm. This is something I believe to be overlooked nowadays. Too many have detached from the mother (nature) and thus not only do they not stop to appreciate her overwhelming beauty , but they have lost respect for her power for chaos as well. Similar to the respect that goes into working with a horse, I believe the same respect needs to go into working with earth. A horse can kill you in an instant if it wants to, but so can mother earth.

So, when working with wildcrafting I like to sit and enjoy the process. To take a moment to give thanks for my surroundings and blessings in life, to appreciate the beauty in front of me in my hands, and to try to bring that joy to others.

If you have time today, go outside and put your feet in the grass (or snow, depending on your location), listen to the trees, feel the wind, and close your eyes for a second… what do you hear? How do you feel? Check-in with yourself, and take a moment to hold space with mother earth. I promise you will come back feeling so much more grounded and secure in your space at this moment.

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