My Day Preparing Product Lines

Today is cloudy. I’d like to stay inside and continue working on creating my product lines. But, as the clouds clear I head to the kitchen to boil water. Boil water you say? Yes, it’s time to make bee food.

You mix 50% hot water and 50% organic sugar and let the sugar dissolve.

I let it cool and fill an old milk jug and head to my bee hives. I put the winter feeder atop the hives and pour in the sugar water to feed my bees. This is an important ritual in winter. We let the bees have enough of their honey stores to nourish themselves over winter but we supplement with organic sugar water as well.

This is a key element of my medicinal, herbal and interior decor products. We use the wax for candles and salves and we use the honey for soaps and straight honey.

Me Getting Ready To Tend To My Hives

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