My ReWild Apothecary™ Product Line – An Insight Into My Motivations

Hello ReWild Community. Good morning it’s Saturday and I wanted to share what I am working on today.

I am adding more of my product lines to my online store today. We are building the product categories right now. Product will be available next month. I wanted to share more about my Apothecary line. Why is this important to me?

When I was a baby I had chronic ear infections from birth until about three years of age. I was prescribed amoxicillin (a penicillin) for nearly three years of my life. As we know now, this is harmful for babies as it doesn’t allow us to develop our own immunities and we become resistant. Not to mention it destroys good gut bacteria and our bodies can be taken over by Candida yeast. None of these things are good.

At around 2 1/2 years of age I was not speaking (zero words) and tested as deaf after extensive medical intervention. On top of that, I was throwing up seven to ten times a week. The doctors feared I would destroy my esophagus due to acid eroding my throat tissue. I understand this is graphic but I wanted you to understand my motivations.

My parents tried so many doctors and it was always more medicine which often made me sicker.

Finally, they took me to a chiropractor who would adjust my neck regularly and it allowed the fluid to drain from my ears. They took me off all wheat, dairy and corn. We also began an organic farm so she could grow food for me without chemicals. This is where my entire farming journey began.

Mind you, this was nearly 25 years ago. There was little known about gluten, penicillin over use, etc. issues. My family began to rebuild my diet with non chemicals. The advice from doctors was to take me off everything and then see how my body stabilized and then begin to reintroduce things and watch my bodily reactions. This was a tedious process. Often times I fought the regime of healthy foods and weaning myself off my cravings. My body actually craved the things that made me the sickest.

Needless to say, natural medicine helped me greatly. I got my hearing back and learned how to speak through extra instruction and help, though much later than others. I feel great today and live by the natural herbs I grew up with that made my body healthy again.

We offer natural herbs that were helpful to me in my journey to build my immune system, keep me clear of colds, healers of my wounds, helped me sleep and calm me, and more.

While I am not anti-medicine, I do subscribe to be well first now. If I didn’t focus on having an optimal immune system, my body would be devastated by the things others can do to their bodies with little affect. Even a cold can take me down for a long time if my immune system is already compromised. This is my reality due to the gut issues I will have for life.

If we can each focus on wellness and optimized health, we do not need to be sick in the first place. This has become my mantra as it has worked for me well when all else failed. Understanding our bodies is the key to this.

I now know I am hyper sensitive to gluten and corn. My mother can’t have corn, dairy or gluten and my grandfather has Celiac Disease (an extreme intolerance for gluten). These facts are all medically and scientifically proven now in our family. So, with that, I can assure you that you can bring your body back to a healthier state and you will feel 100% better if you focus on wellness first.

This is THE primary motivator for Stay Raw. Stay Wild. It is the essence of what brought me back to optimal health.

I want you to have a great weekend and I encourage you to begin thinking, if you haven’t already, about natural wellness and healing. What role does this play in your lifestyle routine?

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