Holiday Thoughts ~ And Thoughts Of All Of You From ReWild Co.

It has been such a crazy year for all of us, hasn’t it? Whether you are in the UK or Germany, the United States or Canada, we all share in a common quarantine, in body and spirit. I have had a tiktok channel and it has grown to over 70,000 followers. I started it to engage with others over this Covid pandemic. As I began to apply humor and nature to these unprecedented challenges we face, people from all over the world began to reach out to me and each other on my channel. What I began to see is there are many, and I mean MANY, like me …. who want to take the road less travelled. Others of you also see the uselessness in the norms as they are breaking all around us. Instead, many of you, like me…..long for a simplified life.

I live that life…I always have. But, I never fit in. I lived in cowboy boots, jeans, walked in the woods…in fact basically lived there. As a young child I had my own special place in the woods. It was deeply boggy with trees upturned where eery roots protruded up toward the sky as if they were fingers reaching up from the bog. The moss was deeply green but in an ancient way. To me this was my sacred place. I named it “fairy-topia”. And yes, there were fairies there.

So, you’ll notice that for my company I am nestled in the middle of wide butterfly wings. This is why that is.

As I sit by the fire at our multi-generational farm, listening to the Christmas music and hear the crackle of the hearth, where flame meets wood, I feel inspired.

I am creating my product lines right now. You can go to my shop and begin to see I am developing the pages now and will have products up in the coming month. But, I wanted you each to know that you inspire me. And, I am sitting by this fire thinking of all the amazing products I want to provide for each of you that reconnect you with nature and reconnect you with simply raw and simply wild.

As we build this company and community together, like we have done on tiktok, I am also so excited to get to know each one of you around the world. When we do tiktok lives we have participants from all over the world. It is so interesting to hear your stories about your views of the world and where you find meaning, as we all watch the institutional systems fail and fall.

We are resilient and know this can not hurt us. We are creative and know we can re-define and re-connect to the things that truly matter. In fact, for many of us, we’ve known this our whole lives. We’ve just really never had the opportunity to connect with others on the same path.

That path is the one I refer to when I say, ‘stay raw – stay wild’.

It is the path that is un-compromised by a profiteering system engineered to extract everything from everyone. I simply don’t like that model and don’t want to participate in that.

I am not angry about it…and I don’t think my generation is either. We simply want something different. And, the fact that Gen Z is about to become the largest market on the planet, well guess what lovely ReWild Community? We CAN create a different path……and that is what I am embarking on with all of you with ReWild Co.

So, from my chair at our family farm, I wish you the merriest of holidays. Expect me to blog a lot and continue to share in my company development vision and the inspired products I intend to create for all of you.

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