Happy Holidays From ReWild! Watch Us Create Our Holiday Project At The Farm (Video)

As I launch ReWild Co. over the course of this holiday season, I want to thank all of you who are subscribing and becoming part of this great community of individuals who like to take the road less travelled. Those roads tend to lead toward nature and away from the noise and hectic life of asphalt constructs.

I wanted to share a day in my life at our multi-generational farm. This is an example of how we create and why we create. We take from nature and build beautiful things. This was our project we did this weekend and completed today. And then it started to snow!

Everything we used to make this project we harvested. In fact, the big ring is a very very old wagon wheel metal interior that we found on our ranch in NY a long time ago. It was so old there was a huge tree that had grown in the middle of it. We had to cut the tree down to take this old wagon wheel metal frame.

I hope you enjoy and remember to subscribe/follow (on my home page) and press like!

Published by HiBar Ranch, Farm & Forest

We run an organic farm in the Smoky Mountains of East TN. Our ancestors who first settled this region and were some of the first settlers of TN in the mid 1700s. We blog about farm life, off the grid, self sustainability and fiber arts/craftsmanship and lots and lots on growing your own food and building a self sufficient farm.

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