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Welcome to ReWild Co™. We are a nature inspired eclectic design company that straddles wellness, fashion, lifestyle and home. We source a majority of our apothecary and wildcrafting products from our organic family farm in the Smoky Mountains. The ecological footprint of our products isn’t just a priority for us – it’s our way of life.

ReWild Co. is all about creating and connecting back to that which has intrinsic meaning (ReWilding). To us this means The simple life – made by handfor a community of likeminded souls who are drawn to nature, wellness and all things wild. This is our inspiration as we believe this is the soul food of life.

I can easily walk, in Doc Martins, away from the conditioning of the world and step softly into places that are raw; where I am free to roam and imagine. Wherever you roam – stay raw…stay wild! ~ Words by founder Chloe Hobbs

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About Me –

Chloe Hobbs – Owner & Creative Designer of ReWild Company

I am a farm owner and a rugged individualist. During Covid and in time of great self reflection, I chose to manifest my dreams through creating. I became a full-time creative designer, launching my own lifestyle company called ReWild Co.

When I’m not spending time creating products and experiences that connect me and my generation back to its roots, I love spending time on my farm with my horse and my dogs.

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